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Congratulations to Dr. Petrisor on her new book: Environmental Forensics Fundamentals - A Practical Guide

By LEA Environmental, Inc. on Jul 28, 2014 at 12:27 PM in Environmental Litigation
Environmental Forensics Fundamentals - A Practical Guide by Ioana Petrisor
Environmental Forensics Fundamentals - A Practical Guide by Ioana Petrisor

L. Everett & Associates (LEA) is pleased to note a wonderful new book from our friend and colleague, Ioana Petrisor, PhD. The book, titled, Environmental Forensics Fundamentals: A Practical Guide, is published by CRC Press and is available here. The role of environmental forensics is to identify and prevent environmental pollution. Dr. Petrisor serves as the Editor-In-Chief for the peer-reviewed Environmental Forensics Journal published by Taylor & Francis. In the new book, Dr. Petrisor provides an extensive review of environmental forensics techniques that will be valuable to the experienced practitioner as well as readers just getting started in this important specialty of environmental science. Dr. Petrisor’s new book also provides attorneys with a single, comprehensive guide summarizing the techniques that are available to solve the types of technical questions that arise in environmental litigation. LEA was pleased to contribute to this new work, including the Foreword by LEA Chief Scientist, Lorne Everett, PhD, DSc and illustrations of three-dimensional (3D) hydrogeology models by LEA’s Principal Engineer, Jorge Matos, P.E. 

While this practical guide is extensive and scientifically-astute, Dr. Petrisor presents the material in an engaging, crime-story fashion. Readers will find that Dr. Petrisor created a work that is accessible (even to readers with limited scientific backgrounds) and enjoyable to read. Topics include definitions for environmental forensic evidence, non-testing techniques, contamination fingerprinting; compound, isotopic, and contaminant fingerprinting; statistical methods of data analysis, contaminant modeling, and data visualization; and case studies. Dr. Petrisor has created a valuable new resource that explains how environmental forensics can come to the rescue when more traditional methods leave mysteries unsolved or questions unanswered about the cause or behavior of subsurface contamination.

Dr. Everett has helped us address one of the great environmental catastrophes in our region.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chief Prosecuting Attorney