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Communicating Complex Technical Information

By Everett & Associates on Aug 07, 2012 at 03:22 PM in Environmental Issues

Our work involves subsurface environments and somewhat complex concepts of moisture and contaminant flow through the vadose zone and groundwater. Needless to say, this can lead to challenges when trying to communicate our findings to a lay audience such as a community group or judge or jury. We’ve found that fantastic, scientifically-accurate graphics are the secret weapon for communicating complex technical information to a lay audience. L. Everett & Associates has assembled a great team for 3D visualization, groundwater modeling and GIS.

Our clients are generally very complimentary toward our reports, presentations and court testimony. However, more often than not, the praise is for our graphics and 3D maps that visually communicate our findings and opinions: “I love that figure!”  “This animation is incredible.”

We believe this capability can be an important differentiator for clients seeking to persuade others to his or her point of view.

Thank you very much for your efforts for the defendants...Your trial testimony was nothing short of fantastic... your direct examination testimony was untouchable! We truly appreciate your efforts – on behalf of the entire defense team.
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