Environmental Services

L. Everett & Associates is an environmental consulting firm, advising clients in the area of soil, soil gas, groundwater remediation, water quality and environmental regulatory compliance. We are hydrogeologists, engineers and geologists who design and manage subsurface site characterization projects and soil and groundwater remediation programs.This work often entails negotiation with environmental regulatory agencies on behalf of clients. We also provide services to law firm clients, advising on technical aspects of environmental lawsuits and serving as expert witnesses.

Environmental Litigation Support

Experts in technical fields must bridge the gap between law and science. Like a great professor, they must be able to communicate complex technical information to an audience of laypeople. We have earned a reputation for clear communication using thorough data analysis and compelling technical illustrations. LEA experts have advanced degrees in science and engineering and an average of 25+ years of experience in environmental practice. We employ an array of environmental forensic methods to dig deeper and help solve clients’ toughest problems.

L. Everett & Associates

From our headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, we serve clients and work on projects across the country.